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Your reputation relies on the care you take with your customers’ data.
Don’t trust any company less, than one that meets the strictest of security standards.
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Small Businesses

Affordable, convenient shredding built for small businesses


Don’t be intimidated by the enormity of keeping your customers’ information secure. We can advise and guide on what you need to do to meet your legal obligations, and protect your reputation in the process. Offering both on-site and off-site shredding, in addition to lockable containers and shredding purges, we’ll create a solution that works around your business.


Then you can get back to what you do best – such as growing your business, instead of dealing with secure document destruction.


Peace of mind for the data-sensitive healthcare industry


Your health organisation deals with the most sensitive data there is – medical information. Even a single slip in security standards could result in lost patient confidence and significant fines.


As the only document shredding company to be AAA-certified in New York and Long Island, American Security Shredding can provide the comprehensive solution you need to protect your patient data.

Law Firms

Keep the confidence of your clients with stringently secure document destruction


Your law firm generates a significant volume of data-sensitive material – including what may be reams of documents, as well as electronic media and, less frequently, IT equipment.


Your shredding needs are probably significant, and you fully grasp how critical it is to protect the information of your clients. You’re probably well-aware of the long list of legislation that applies to you, such as HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and Federal Information Destruction Laws. After all, you’re in the legal industry. However, what you may not know is that only 29.4% of New York Shredding Companies Meet Industry Security Standards, with our company being among them.


Our shredding service flexes to meet the needs of your legal business, with services that include on-site and off-site shredding, in addition to optional lockable containers and a purge service.


As one of the largest shredding companies in New York, we’re also able to meet the demands of sizeable shreds.

Our AAA Certified Rating is Vital for Your Business

We’re proud to have been awarded the highest AAA Certified Rating by The National Association for Information Destruction.


You could choose any one of 15 shredding companies in New York and Long Island. Here’s why you should only trust us with your business.