Starting a Clean-Desk Policy for Your New York Business

Starting a Clean-Desk Policy for Your New York Business

Starting a Clean-Desk Policy

Has your company been considering the idea of “hot desking?” Maybe this is a new term to you entirely. Regardless, this process essentially means employees don’t have assigned seating or specific desks in place. Instead rather, they are free to move throughout the office during the day. Then you n need a Clean-Desk Policy

Setting up at various different workstations as they desire. Of course to ensure this type of work environment is productive and manageable. It’s important for all employees to maintain a clear and clutter-free desk. With this in mind you need to start a Clean-Desk Policy

In regards to a Clean Desk Policy, the two go hand-in-hand which makes keeping a clean desk much easier in your office. A Clean Desk Policy means your employees need to cooperate. Always in keeping a desk that is organized and free of confidential paperwork. Such as the  like documents, notes, post-its. Furthermore any other records that contain confidential information.

Password Protection

All computers should be powered down and password protected for the highest level of security. In addition, any removable media, such as CDs, floppy disks, or memory sticks need to be removed. And then securely stored away as well.

At the end of the day, a Clean Desk Policy will assist in establishing and maintaining a positive company reputation. Not only to your staff but to your customers. And especially those that visit your New York business. Lastly, and most importantly, it will prevent the risk of information theft and data breach.

Starting a Clean-Desk Policy

Tidying up desks at the end of a work day is necessity. However it’s also crucial to be conscious of information security throughout your work day too.

Promoting a Clean-Desk Policy

Be in Charge

Management should be involved with all areas of the policy. Since upper management typically handles looks after all highly confidential information, it’s necessary that all executives follow and practice what’s been outlined in the policy successfully. In an effort to engage employees to do the same.

Regular Reminders

A Clean Desk Policy checklist needs to also include office reminders. This will encourage positive participation. Place reminders about the policy online and in areas where your employees are bound to notice.

Partner with a document destruction company such as American Security Shredding, and we’ll set you up with secure, lockable collection bins.  These  can placed throughout your office as you see fit. This will be based on space and traffic. Having these bins available ensures you’re protecting sensitive documents before they are collected for shredding.

Limit Paper Use

Try to convince your staff to limit their overall paper use. This is not only great practice for the environment, but it will also significantly reduce mess and clutter. When doable, share files electronically. Run office finances through the web. Use online services to arrange surveys or in-house meetings. Scan documents and email them as PDF’s. Keeping paperwork at a minimum in the office will help in keeping a clean desk.

Clutter-free desks will encourage positive attitudes and work habits which assist in overall productivity and compliance. Not only that, you’ll limit your risk of experiencing a data breach, which is extremely critical for your company. Contact American Security Shredding in New York for additional information on this policy and how secure document shredding will assist in a successful Clean-Desk Policy. Call 1-800-882-1979.

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