Shredder Security Levels Do Office Shredders Cut It Myths & Facts

Shredder Security Levels Do Office Shredders Cut It Myths & Facts

Office Shredder May Put Your Organization At Risk

Q. Do Office shredders security levels provide enough security for my business?

Answer. No office Shredders Produce Strips of Paper That Can Be Reassembled.

Small shredding devices normally shred documents in vertical strips. This type of shredding does not offer guaranteed security. Pieces can be put back together if discovered by an individual determined to commit fraud. Our shred trucks and shredding equipment featured in our offsite facility ensure documents are destroyed into tiny particles. This make recovery impossible.

Most office shredding machines shred paper using a cross-cut or ribbon cut method. So when these strips of paper are discarded or recycled, “dumpster divers” just sort through the trash and reassemble these paper strips. This gives them easy access to confidential information you thought was destroyed. In fact this form of information fraud is so common, now there’s software available to help these thieves scan and reassemble this information.

American Security Shredding uses advanced shredding technology to produce a confetti-like output that is small and unreadable. And since there are hundreds of pounds of documents from numerous clients, all mixed together. Our shredded material is impossible to reassemble

Shredder Security Levels

Paper shredder in an office

Q. Are office shredders more economical than a shredding service.

Answer. No Office Shredders Can Cost Twice As Much As A Shredding Service.

Small businesses that operate an office shredder spend, on average, 15 minutes of staff time each and every day, shredding confidential documents. When you consider the average hourly wage, plus benefits and factor in depreciation and maintenance costs on the shredder, it costs over $95 per month to operate an office shredder. That’s nearly twice as much as our regularly scheduled, on-site shredding pickup service. (For more details or to calculate the cost to operate your office shredder, check out our sample)

In our example, a typical small business office will spend $95.52 a month. There are five employees that use the office shredder during the course of a day, each averaging about three minutes of daily shred time or 15 minutes total per day for the entire office. Remember shred time is not just the amount of time the shredding machine manufacturer claims it takes to shred paper. One must also include the time to sort the documents, walk from the work area to the shredder, pick up and straighten the paper, feed the paper into the shredder and clean up any paper residue and when necessary, dispose of the shredded paper.

The Math

Since the average hourly wage of their employees, plus benefits is $16.19. The total monthly labor cost to operate an office shredder is $87.71. Factor in depreciation and maintenance costs (shredding blades must be sharpened) the total cost of operating their office shredder is $95.52 per month.

Now your costs will be different based upon how much you shred, your average hourly wage, the initial cost of the shredder, etc. But the fact is that using an office shredder costs twice as much as a monthly pickup by a shredding service… and saving money isn’t even the best reason to use a shredding service.

Q. Will my office shredder protect me from lawsuits when audited.

Answer. No Office Shredders Can Leave You Vulnerable In Audits And Lawsuits

Irregular shredding practices. That’s the charge an auditor or lawyer can make when they discover your organization uses an office shredder. Why? Because in-house shredding programs don’t adhere to a regular shredding schedule and they don’t provide adequate documentation of what’s been shredded, when it’s been shredded or by whom. So when a question arises as to when and why a particular piece of information was shredded, organizations without documentation are susceptible to severe fines.American Security Shredding offers a variety of regularly scheduled shredding services and a Certificate of Destruction to provide documented evidence of every single shred.

Q. Are office shredders safe to use for my employees.

Answer. No Office Shredders Are A Safety Hazard

In the last five years, there have been more than 50 reports of injuries from office shredders, including lacerations and lost fingers. And while these cases are isolated, office shredders have sharp blades that can injure someone if they’re not careful. Additionally, office shredders produce paper, plastic and metal dust fragments that, left unchecked, can get into the air ducts and create a fire hazard.The on-site shredding service offered by American Security Shredding means you’ll never have to deal with sharp blades or dust fragments again.

Q. Are modern office shredders cleaner now

Answer. No Office Shredders Make A Big Mess

Even though “shredder mess” is not a risk factor, it’s still something that you’ll have to deal with if you use an office shredder. Fragments of paper will fall onto the floor while dust builds up on the shredder, the shredder table, and the floor.American Security Shredding eliminates shredder mess caused by office shredders. This again costs you more money as one of your employees will have to clear up the mess on a regular basis. Be it the cleaners or one of the office staff, it will cost you extra money and unproductive hours.



Calculate The Cost of Your Office Shredder

Office Shredder Cost Analysis
Number of employees 5
* Shred time (minutes) per day for each employee 3
Total Daily Shred Time (Minutes) 15
Average hourly wage (including benefits) $16.19
Total daily shred time (Hours) 0.25
Number of work days per month 21.67
Number of hours per month employees shred 5.42
Total Monthly Labor Cost To Shred $87.71
Purchase price of Fellowes Power Shred SB-97C $185
Life expectancy of shredder (Number of months) 60
Monthly depreciation cost $3.08
Monthly maintenance cost $4.73
Total Monthly Equipment Cost $7.81
Total labor cost $87.71
Total equipment cost $7.81
Total Monthly Cost of Office Shredder $95.52
* Includes time to pick up paper, straighten pages, feed shredder, clean up and paper disposal


Shredder Security Levels Don’t Risk It

Shredding companies, such as American Security Shredding supply lockable, security bins to prevent any unauthorized access.  Sensitive documents remain protected until they are collected for shredding, keeping them 100% secure. Using a professional shredding company also encourages smart document disposal for your employees, because the shred containers act as a reminder to securely store business documents containing confidential information. There is little security involved with shredding in-house because sensitive papers are often left stacked on desks. Or by the printing area, leading to lost documents or documents that mistakenly land in the trash bin.

Bearing in mind the restrictions of a common office shredder, as well as the time and expense associated with operating and maintaining it, an office shredder may not be a viable solution for your sensitive documents.  Most importantly, if your shredder isn’t destroying content in such a way that makes reconstructing impossible, your business’s reputation and information could be at risk.

When it comes time to rid of your company’s old documents and records, it’s important to understand the need to securely destroy these files. Since 1996, American Security Shredding has been providing several New York companies and residents with professional and reliable shredding services. Using an office shredder already and think it’s good enough? Here is a list of document shredding myths that will make you think otherwise. Outsourcing your paper shredding will convince you that hiring the professionals is always the right way to go!

The Myths Of  Shredder Security Levels

Myth 1: Buying an Office Shredder Will Save Time and is Cheaper

From a distance, it may seem that having an office shredding machine would be more convenient. Therefore  it would save your company more money as well. That is not necessarily true. Most office shredders can only take a few sheets at a time. It could take you hours to destroy boxes of old documents using an office shredder! That means you can’t focus on your scheduled work tasks, thus you are costing your company money. Just one of our shred trucks can take dozens and dozens of documents and material at one time. Speaking of money, an office shredder will require continuous maintenance, replacement parts and it will have safety hazard concerns. The costs of using an office shredder racks up. American Security Shredding offers fair, affordable prices.

Myth 2: An Office Shredder Proves You are Complying with the Law

If you do own an office shredder, not everyone will use it, but for the ones that do use it, it just isn’t enough to show that you and your company are following strict privacy laws. If your company isn’t keeping a record of shredding. The best alternative is to go with is hiring a professional shredding company. We will provide you with a certificate of destruction after every shred job. That certificate will show that the document destruction was done in accordance with federal and state guidelines, laws and regulations.

Myth 3: No One Will Look in the Garbage

While you may not think about it if you just toss your full documents in the trash. There are people who frequently rummage through company garbage in search of private, sensitive information. When another person gains yours and your co-workers information, there is a high risk of identity theft happening. Hiring a professional shredding company to correctly destroy your documents will ensure that you and your employees are at a low risk of identity theft.

Myth 4: An Information Security Breach Won’t Happen to Us

What is becoming increasingly clear is that information security breaches are on the rise all over the United States of America. According to, so far this year, more than 135 million records have been exposed in America alone. You may think that an information security breach will never happen to your company, but that simply isn’t true. Don’t risk it!

In addition to our shredding services, we provide your company safe, secure containers to store the documents and records that you wish to get rid of. For more information, feel free to call us at 1 (800) 882-1979

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