Security Containers: Are You Wondering What the Point is Really?

Security Containers: Are You Wondering What the Point is Really?

Anyone who has used a professional shredding service, or looked into one, has probably noticed that most offer secure collection bins. Ever wondered what the point is? Surely a good old fashioned shoe box at the back of the closet’s top shelf is good enough or what about that lockable file cabinet? These are all containers of some sort; surely I can just keep my files there, you may wonder.

Sadly storing documents away in a non-lockable bin is not only extremely unsecure but also a very inefficient way of doing things. There are no guarantees that someone won’t peek into that shoe box, or force that rusty drawer open. The loss of sensitive documents can be extremely damaging to businesses and staff members.

Storing documents in this manner also leads to a loss in productivity when it’s time to put them away, especially if you constantly produce a lot of information. Having to take time to gather records and bring them to your super-secret storage location, will take time; time better spent on productive tasks. Having a centralized and easy to access storage location that is still secure is the best option.

Enter storage bins.

secure document bins

Security Consoles for Document Shredding

The ultimate goal of the storage bins is to provide businesses with a secure storage site for sensitive records while ensuring easy and accessible disposal of documents. The bins are lockable so documents remain entirely secure until they are emptied for destruction. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from desk side consoles, cabinets, and large wheeled bins.

When you get the bins installed at your work place, your document shredding company of choice will work with you to determine how many you need as well as the best places to put them. Being placed in strategic locations will reduce any loss in productivity when it comes to using the bins as staff members will just simply walk up and deposit their files. No need to waste time going to that storage room on the second floor anymore.

American Security Shredding is a Manhattan based document shredding company that has several different types of security bins available. When you require a secure way to store your documents before shredding, reach out to your local experts at American Security Shredding.

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