Secure Document Shredding for Home Owners

Secure Document Shredding for Home Owners

One thing businesses and homes tend to have in common is that secure records will typically pile up over time. In the case of homes, it tends to be financial records, bills, tax forms, etc.

For home owners who run businesses out of their homes, the manner and number of records will increase as well. It’s very important that home owners maintain proper security practices when dealing with their records. This includes proper document shredding to maintain total privacy and confidentiality.

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Document Shredding at Home

When first discussing this subject, it is not uncommon for people to purchase a simple home office shredder.  Then assume that it is sufficient enough to handle their shredding needs. With his route however, it is highly probable that your shredded contents will then be bagged and put out with the rest of your recycling material. While this is the right mindset to have in regards to the proper handling of your documents. Let me say it is not the best and most reliable practice possible.

Home office shredders do not shred documents sufficiently to prevent them from being pieced back together. Rather, they are designed to shred papers into long strips that can very easily be put back together with a bit of time and effort. Read more on do office shredders cut it 

Home Owners Shredders 

Of course if a homeowner wanted to spend a bit more they could get a home shredder that has a shred pattern closer to those of professional shredders. These devices still have issues however. The biggest one being that their motors can’t handle regular use for a long duration and therefore will eventually burn out, leaving you with an expensive paper weight.

So now comes the question: what can you do?

The answer:

Turn to a professional mobile shredding services.

On-site Document Shredding

Most document destruction services will offer mobile shredding right at your location. They can accomplish this by using state-of-the-art shredding trucks that are built with the proper mechanics and technology to shred through thousands of documents in mere minutes. These trucks house an industrial grade shredder and storage container for shredded material. No need to worry about the possibility of shredded papers being put back together; the industrial shredders destroy paper so finely that putting back together is impossible; the end result is essentially that of confetti.

On-site document shredding in Manhattan ensures home owners are able to receive proper document destruction services while not being inconvenienced by transporting documents to a shred facility off-site. When you arrange for a pickup, one of these trucks will come by and a uniformed employee will greet you and immediately get the process going. Once the soon to be documents have been handed over they are placed on to, and shredded inside the truck. You’ll get to watch the entire process to ensure your own peace of mind. You’ll also receive a Certificate of Destruction upon successful shredding, explaining the process was completed with the highest level of security.

Getting Service

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional document shredding company, you’ll need to choose a reputable one you can trust. American Security Shredding is a Manhattan based shredding company who proudly offers this on-site shredding service to businesses and residents.

If you would like to book shredding, or have any questions, please reach out and drop us a line. We’re happy to help.


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