Residential Shredding Document Solutions

Residential Shredding Document Solutions

Shredding At Home

You may be forgive for thinking that the laws for Commerical shredding are not the same as residential shredding. You would be completely wrong. It’s not just compliance with shredding compile you have to worry about. The main reason is your own identity fraud.

For your own peace of mind you need to get into a routine with your residential shredding at home.

5 Must Documents For Residential Shredding

  • Pay Stubs
  • Credit Card Convient Cheques
  • Duplicate Cheques
  • Old Tax Returns
  • Bank Statements

The items above need to be the minimum things you shred. All those little pieces of paper have on them your personal information. You may thing that ripping them up yourself and hiding them in the trash will suffice. Not any more the fraudsters are not shy emptying bins in search of that valuable information. Home Shredding is now a must do.

Working From Home Shredding Services Residential

As more and more people have started to work from home the risk go up for fraud. Unless of course you follow the same paper destruction process as you main office does. Use the same document management plan and you will be compliant. If sensitive work papers go missing from your home the same rules apply as the office.

There will be no leniency for losing them at home. Compliance of paper shredding is very clear no matter where it is. Choose a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Company like American Security Shredding. There are 51 shredding companies in New York and only 15 have a AAA rating. American Security Shredding are AAA certified so you can choose with confidence.

AAA NAID Certified American Security Shredding Services

Shredding Service Residential

If you are like most New York residents then you may be guilty of storing things like your payslips until the next time. The receipt’s, the bank statements anything that has any personal information on it. They all get shoved to the back of the cupboard until its full and then what. You have so much paper that it would not even fit in the bin.

Call American Security Shredding Services and we will come to you. You can personally watch the destruction of all your sensitive paper from home. We will even issue you with a certificate of destruction when we come to your home to shred. All our driver operators are courteous, in uniform and all under stringent checks before we employ them. You can be assured we have the best in the business.Tips For Getting A Better Residential Shredding Quote

residential shredding services poster

For our operators to give you a more accurate quote the following information on what document quantity you have. If you have documents ready to shred standard boxes then please supply the size of the box. We supply a Copy Paper Box / Legal Letter sized boxes and the typical dimensions are 15″ Long X 12″ Wide X 10″ Tall.

legal box for holding papers for residential shredding

We also supply LEGAL TRANSFILE BOX. The standard size of our transfiles boxes 24″ Long X 15″ Wide X 10″ Tall. Then of course we need to know how full the boxes are for shredding. If you are working from home and you have a filing cabinet the dimension would be of great help. Are papers to be shred filling half the cabinet etc. How wide and what is the depth of the filing cabinet.

legal size box for document destruction

Loose Paper

If you have copy boxes then try to stack the paper on top of each other. Give us the average size, letter, legal ledger etc. Next give us the height of the papers that are to be shred. You may have your residential papers in waste disposal sacks. If possible you could try to weight them on you bodyweight scales at home.

If you are unsure please contact our operators and they will give you all the advice they can.


Please inform us if there is any difficulty getting to your property for the residential shredding service. When we know before hand we can make previsions to ensure that our shredding service goes as smooth as possible. We are here to take away any risks when destroying effectively your sensitive personal papers

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