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Q & A American Security Shredding

What shredding services do you provide?

We shred paper, digital media and hard drives – either on-site at your premises, or off-site at our plant. Our services include:
·      Purges (one-off shredding events)
·      Regular scheduled shredding 
·      FREE security containers for your business 

Are your shredding services compliant?

Absolutely. Our shredding is compliant with HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and Federal Information Destruction Laws. 
We are also the only shredding company in New York City and Long Island to be rated AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction – for both on-site and off-site shredding.

Where are you located and what areas do your services cover?

We have two bases – one in Hempstead, Long Island, and another on 5th Avenue, New York.
Our services cover New York City, Long Island and Westchester County.

How are your drivers vetted?

We take great care with choosing the right staff. Each and every driver must undergo:
·      Full criminal background checks – both pre-employment and regularly throughout their employment
·      Full drugs tests – both pre-employment and regularly throughout their employment
Our drivers also always wear their uniform and carry their ID ready for your inspection.

Why shouldn’t I just use an in-house office shredder?

Good question. There are many, many reasons why office shredders are problematic. Including… 
·       Straight cut strips of documents can be reassembled with tape and glue
·       Failing to carry out regular shredding practices leave you (and your customers) vulnerable
·       There’s no verification of destruction
·       Shredding in-house is messy, dusty and time-consuming 
·       The shredding process could be a safety hazard
·       Employees may have access to confidential information
·       Replacing parts are an added expense
·       Shredding is noisy and distracting

Are your prices affordable?

We’d like to think that our pricing is amongst the most competitive you’ll find in the New York and Long Island area. Our quotes are always provided free from pressure and obligation. So it’s easy and fast to get a quote for comparison.

Can I book a one-off paper shred?

Yes. Our purge service is designed around single shredding events.

Do you provide proof that the paper has been shredded?

We do. It’s called a Certificate of Destruction. Depending on your industry, this may actually be a legal requirement for your business to comply with data destruction laws.

What types of businesses do you work for?

Our customer base spans many sectors, including small businesses, law firms and healthcare organizations; the list is endless.

Are we able to oversee the shredding process?

Of course – our shredding trucks and our shredding centers are fully fitted with CCTV – allowing you to watch the process from beginning to end. In the case of on-site shredding, you’re also welcome to inspect the shredded material before we leave.

Why is shredding important?

Where do we begin? How about with your customers, who could suffer financial loss, stress and the publication of their personal information if you don’t take care of their information? There goes your reputation, your loyal customer base and, potentially, your business.

Where would our paper go following shredding?

All shredded paper is sent directly to the recycling plant, where it will be pulped and then recycled into new paper products.

Do you charge extra for fuel?

No – we’d never charge you for our fuel. The price you see is always the price you pay.

Can you destroy other items, such as ring binders, CDs, PCs and DVDs?

We can indeed. Our cutting-edge equipment is among the toughest and most capable in the industry – making light work of heavy-duty shredding.

Can deleted data be recovered from a hard drive?

Yes it can. Data is actually only deleted once it is written over with new data. With that in mind, the only way to be certain that your data has been destroyed is to physically destroy the hard drive itself. 

Why should I trust American Security Shredding?

1.    We are fully compliant to HIPAA, GLB, FACTA and Federal Information Destruction Laws
2.    Ours is the only shredding company in New York and Long Island to be AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction
3.    We are insured to an industry-exceeding $3m in general liability
4.    We rigorously certify our drivers – undertaking pre-employment and random criminal background checks and drug tests
5.    Our trucks and premises are fitted with full CCTV 

When does payment take place?

You’ll only be charged once the job is done and you’re satisfied that your materials have been securely destroyed. Then, and only then, will we send you your invoice.

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