Paper Shredding Services

Your reputation relies on the care you take with your customers’ data.
Don’t trust any company less, than one that meets the strictest of security standards.
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On-Site Document Shredding

Exceptionally secure shredding solution


About you: Your company deals with highly sensitive documents. You may even be obliged by law to ensure that all your documents are shredded on-site.


About this service: Our NAID AAA Certified On-Site Shredding service provides the tightest of security when it comes to your shredding processes.


The process begins with our certified drivers collecting your confidential materials from your on-site locked containers and transferring them to our shredding truck. The container is then lifted up and your confidential information is shredded in minutes.


Finally, our driver returns to our plant and your shredded materials are baled and shipped for recycling.


About peace of mind: Our shredding truck is fitted with a camera and video monitoring system – allowing both driver and yourself to verify that all confidential information has indeed been shredded.

Off-site document shredding

The still secure, but low-cost alternative, to on-site shredding


About you: You must meet strict data protection laws; however you’re not required to shred all documents on-site.


About this service: Our NAID AAA Certified off-site shredding service provides complete convenience for the destruction of your confidential documents.


Our certified drivers pick up your document containers on a day and at a time to suit you. They are loaded onto a large, locked container and then secured onto our locked shredding truck. Upon arriving at our plant, the contents of the truck are immediately unloaded for processing. Once the shredding process is complete, the materials are then baled and shipped to a paper mill for recycling.


About peace of mind: Your documents are safe with us. To bolster the security of our off-site processing, video cameras are strategically placed throughout our plant – offering high-tech video surveillance. All of our certified workers are also subject to the most stringent of background checks, as well as on-going, random drug tests.

Document Purging

A scheduled one-time shredding event


About you: You no longer require a wealth of confidential documents that are stored on-site. They may have passed the time-limits required to store them.


About this service: Our document purge service can take place on-site at your place of business, or off-site at our shredding plant. As a purge customer, you’ll receive a 10% discount on our pricing.


About peace of mind: The same level of insurance, the same regular and extensive staff checks, the same cameras and level of meticulousness applies to this service as all of our others.

Scheduled on-site document shredding

Regular shredding – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly


Book as and when you need | Lockable security containers provided for on-site use – for FREE | Forget about replacing or maintaining your noisy, expensive shredding machine


About you: You’re not permitted to throw your sensitive documents away in open garbage or via the recycling bin. You may have been shredding your documents yourself, but you no longer want to waste valuable man-hours on shredding. You need a timely shredding service with a secure, evidenced chain of custody.


About this service:

This service works the way you do. We leave lockable containers with you for you to fill, and you tell us when and how often to collect. If you need advice as to what size containers you need or how regular your shredding service should be, simply ask our team.


About peace of mind: On the day of shredding, our certified professionals will shred your sensitive documents on-site – and you’re welcome to watch the process on our CCTV. Once complete, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction – confirming that all sensitive information has been professionally shred, as dictated by nationally accredited standards. All material is then recycled.

Security containers

About you: You need the practicality of secure on-site, lockable containers. You may need one, or multiple – to be placed in numerous departments. You must meet demanding compliance rules and regulations, and you need to ensure you do everything possible to protect your employees, customers, and business from information exposure.


About this service: Our range of lockable containers allow you to find one that suits your needs – fitting in with the décor, space limitations, and location. And the best part? They’re absolutely FREE. We only charge for the shredding service.


Need advice? Let’s talk – we can advise on everything from number and size, to how frequently you should schedule your shredding.


About peace of mind: Lockable containers help you easily adhere to compliance state privacy laws while keeping your working environment clutter-free and organized.

Our AAA Certified Rating is Vital for Your Business

We’re proud to have been awarded the highest AAA Certified Rating by The National Association for Information Destruction.


You could choose any one of 15 shredding companies in New York and Long Island. Here’s why you should only trust us with your business.