New Year: New Approach to Document Management

New Year: New Approach to Document Management

The New Year has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to start anew. While many of us focus on plenty of personal resolutions, it’s important to consider ways in which you can improve your business in 2018. Why not take this time to review your daily business practices? If you haven’t considered your document management processes, now is the time to improve the way your business handles the disposal of its sensitive documents. Document management is critical to maintaining organization and protecting your business from threats such as information theft and fraud.

Here are just two effective ways you can significantly reduce data breach risks by ensuring your business records are continuously destroyed and irrecoverable.



Purging Records from 2017

It’s extremely easy to put off sorting through archived files, and it may be discouraging if you’re dealing with a whole room full of records that have been there for months or even many years. With that said, it truly is one of the most beneficial things you can do to start the year off entirely organized and prepared for what’s ahead with a clean slate. Records that are inactive not only take up substantial space, but they also represent a risk of data breach. Your sensitive documents could contain the following sensitive data:

  • Personnel information
  • Sensitive proprietary information
  • Customer records
  • Bank statements and other financial details

Shredding these with an office shredder is extremely tedious and time-consuming which is often the reason it has been ignored to begin with. A professional one-time purge service allows you to dispose of sensitive business content in a manner that is efficient and most of all, secure.  At American Security Shredding, we will provide you with secure, lockable collection bins you’re your business may use to safely dispose of its information in a manner that is entirely protected.  No need to remove of any paper clips, binders, or staples; we shred through it all saving you time and money.

Following document disposal, we’ll schedule an appropriate pickup schedule with you or you may feel free to drop your documents off at our facility as well. The shredding process is completed with a Certificate of Destruction, which we provide to our clients to verify your legal due diligence and our commitment to privacy protection standards.

Commit to Long-term, Secure Document Destruction

Once you’ve gone through with a purge shredding service, consider starting in-office processes that remove expired or records that are no longer relevant. Ongoing, daily shredding of confidential documents is helpful for many reasons, including:

  • Limiting office clutter
  • Reducing privacy breach risks
  • Ensuring sound records retention policies
  • Meeting compliance necessities

scheduled shredding service provides security and convenience in a similar way that a purge service does. In both cases, you are able to take advantage of lockable collection bins which gives you a handy and immediate solution for tossing information away securely. You choose how many containers you want throughout your business and the size they should be.

On a scheduled routine your collection bins are emptied and the material is professionally shredded, protecting any confidential matters. This handy solution enables prompt disposal of confidential records and removes the tedious and counterproductive use of shredding equipment used in-house.

The difficult part about resolutions, however, is resisting the temptation to procrastinate. A professional shredding company in Manhattan will make the shredding process as easy as possible for you.  Seek out a local provider that provides a free, no obligation assessment of your company’s document shredding needs.

Our team is pleased to provide effective and timely destruction solutions to companies throughout Manhattan. To find out more, please get in touch with our team at 1-800-882-1979.

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