Mobile Paper Shredding with American Security Shredding – New York

Mobile Paper Shredding with American Security Shredding – New York

mobile paper shredding services

  1. Mobile Paper Shredding Services In New York

Are you a New York business that could benefit from secure, mobile paper shredding services?  Maybe you store a vast amount of business documents in cabinets or desk drawers at the office. While it seems like a practical solution from an organization standpoint. So what happens when your storage space is full. The overflow begins.

Business Records & Storage

Your business records contain private details pertaining to customers, employees, competition, Ensure they are stored securely.

Shred what is not needed ensuring compliance takes place.

Protect Your Data

What’s the ideal solution that also provides protection to your company? Secure, on-site mobile paper shredding services. Professional paper shredding services means your confidential information is thoroughly destroyed, eliminating any risks associated with a data breach or identity theft. No business wants to experience either situation; after all, some businesses never recover from the damage caused by a data breach. It’s simply not worth the risk; when in doubt, shred everything.

American Security Shredding provides businesses across the New York region with both reliable and secure, mobile paper shredding services. Our professional document destruction specialists will perform the shredding of your documents, conveniently on your premises; no need to transport files off-site. Simply carry on with your day to day work day, or witness the process firsthand from your parking lot. Our onsite, mobile paper shredding services follow a strict chain of custody for your security, and our team is made up of qualified industry experts. Our mobile trucks will arrive at your location, where all sensitive documents will be shredded immediately with little interruption in your work day. Schedule a one-time appointment with us, or take advantage of our regularly scheduled paper shredding services; the option is all yours!

Why should your New York business take advantage of our mobile paper shredding services?

  • It’s Simple:
    • No need to take your documents offsite; we’ll come to you! Our paper shredding process takes place at your place of business, which means you’re free from the hassle and time involved with transporting documents to an off-site facility.
  • Lockable Shred Bins:
    • We will provide you with lockable shred bins in which you can store your confidential documents, prior to the paper shredding process. You may place these throughout your office as needed.
  • Certified Destruction:
    • Following paper shredding we will provide you with proof that your business documents have been safely destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction will be given to you. Consequently this indicate your documents have been handled in accordance with New York privacy laws.
  • Irreversible:
    • Our industry leading mobile shred trucks are designed with the latest shredded technology. Therefore it makes it truly impossible for your business documents to be recovered.
  • Cost-Effective:
    • When you hire American Security Shredding in New York, you truly receive the best service for your money. We will shred in minutes what might take hours with a typical office shredder.
  • Witness Shredding:
American Security Shredding Mobile Paper Shredding Services

American Security Shredding in New York are trustworthy with extensive experience in the industry. Please get in touch with us today to discuss with us your unique document management needs. We will provide you with the right tailored solution for your business.  Call 1.800.882.1979 for information surrounding our onsite, mobile paper shredding solutions. Similarly any additional shredding services you may require.

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