Dumpster Diving Happens: Don’t Let it Affect You

Dumpster Diving Happens: Don’t Let it Affect You

The end of the month also typically brings with it endless paperwork for New York businesses. Nobody enjoys sorting through things such as old bills, contracts, and invoices. However it’s something that we all have to look after.

What is vital is the way in which you’re organizing this mail, and where it ends up afterward. The majority of this mail contains vital personal details that for your safety, needs to remain secure. Either if it’s stored or disposed of.

Document Security

Some organizations are making a conscious effort to implement document security processes. However  there are businesses in New York and throughout the rest of the U.S. who continue to throw financial records and other sensitive documents in the recycling or trash bin.

This is one of the biggest mistakes your company can make.  Because  tossing confidential business information before having it securely shred, leaves your information extremely vulnerable to outside threats. If the wrong individual gains access to juicy information, all it takes is skill and determination to perform a criminal act under your name or specific business.

Paper Documents & The Threats

identity-theft-new-york-cityYour monthly statements and bills all contain your name, address, telephone number. Furthermore depending on the type of mail, your credit card number, and bank account information. These are all critical details that cannot risk unauthorized exposure. Don’t have a need to keep these records around your home or office?

This is the perfect opportunity to turn to document shredding if you aren’t doing so already. Failing to shred information properly, means it could be picked up by somebody else. The act of Dumpster Diving is real, (not to mention entirely legal). This can cause tremendous legal consequences for your company.

Document Destruction Protects You from the Threats Associated with Dumpster Diving

What are the chances that an individual will literally sort through your trash? Even as technology emerges on a rapid basis, sadly, crooks aren’t above rooting through trash to look for bills or other documents with personal information on it.

Yes, this method of stealing information is considered “old-school”. However experts say that it continues to be used because it still works. With that said, those records you may think are buried safely in the dumpster, could in all likelihood, be rooted up in a mere couple of weeks.

Security Routine

At the end of the day, you should never underestimate what identity thieves are capable of. You have consider the tiniest tidbit of information. If a criminal is determined and has the resources to commit a damaging act, you could soon face an empty bank account. Or new credit cards under your name that you didn’t request on your own.  When in doubt, always, always shred your paperwork! It’s the safest and most trusted form of document disposal.

Ensure Your New York Organization is Secure with Professional Document Shredding:

  • Never dispose of information that has your Social Security Number, driver’s license number, or bank account number, That is  until it has been properly shred.
  • Past credit and debit cards need to be thoroughly shredded for your security as well. It’s highly suggested that you outsource your destruction needs to a reliable company in the industry. Such as American Security Shredding in New York, for shredding that is 100% dependable.
  • All financial records containing critical information should be professionally shredded by a qualified document destruction provider. Keep in mind that a recycling bin lacks secure protection so it’s just as ineffective as a trash bin.

Outsourcing Your Shredding Needs

When you make the decision to outsource your document shredding to American Security Shredding, we ensure your sensitive financial and business documents are shred securely and in compliance with New York privacy legislation.

Our destruction processes are easy to implement and most importantly, help maintain your confidentiality at all times. While the effects of identity theft can be detrimental in some cases, it can be preventable with the proper preventative measures. Don’t put your employees and customers at risk. Get professional shredding services

Contact American Security Shredding

We are more than happy discuss your particular needs and budget, customizing a document shredding program that’s appropriate for your New York business. Contact the team at American Security Shredding in New York, to speak to our team directly about our destruction services and how they will protect your sensitive material.

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