Avoid a Data Breach

Avoid a Data Breach

Avoid Data Breach: Document Shredding Services for Your New York Business

shredded-paper-imageWhether you are a large corporation or small business. Protecting your critical documents is an imperative process. Is it should be ongoing to maintain security over your business. In a time where identity theft is on the rise and data breaches are occurring more rapidly.  Implementing smart document management solutions will help your business in preventing a data breach.

Information Management 

While secure information management is vital for all industries in New York. Some are more vulnerable to data breaches than others. According to The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITC), the worst data breaches reported in 2013 occurred in.The financial, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and government sectors.

The majority of these cases were reported by Healthcare professionals. Reporting the highest percentage of data breach cases (48%).  Because Financial and Healthcare institutions are closely monitored and regulated here in New York. When a data breach takes place, the costs involved are much higher than those seen in other industries.

Document Security

So how can you be sure your New York medical or financial institution stays secure and compliant with state privacy laws? First and foremost, it’s crucial that your business has a written and clearly defined policy in reference to storing and disposing of confidential material. Turning to professional document destruction services to thoroughly shred your vital documents is in your best interest. If you haven’t already, consider a shred-all policy. All document’s should be shredded prior to disposal. After all, for many employees, it’s extremely challenging to know which documents require special handling. A shred-all policy eliminates this confusion and will most importantly, reduce human error. Human error. That is said to be the number one contributing cause of data breach.

Shred Don’t Trash Documents

Documents that make their way to your trash bin or recycling bin offer no protection Atr all. Either to your business, employees or customers. The consequences associated with confidential details falling into the wrong hands are not worth risking.

Bottom line, here is what your New York business should know about document shredding:

  • Document shredding is the safest and most effective solution for destroying information; it reduces the chance of a data breach considerably.
  • Shredding documents that no longer require storing ensures compliance with state privacy laws.
  • A document shredding company such as American Security Shredding provides a secure chain of custody throughout the entire shredding process, providing you with lockable collection bins and a Certificate of Destruction after each shred job.

Contact American Security Shredding in New York for further details surrounding our secure document shredding services. We’ll assist your business in remaining compliant, and assist you with implementing a shred-all policy. If you haven’t done so already. Call to speak to a representative at 1.800.882.1979

Data Breaches and Their Cause

“Nearly 10% of all breaches and incidents involve paper records”.

You have anti-virus on your computer, and you probably invest in a firewall to protect your network. When it comes to your premises, you may rely on an alarm and perhaps CCTV. Yet your paper records may have little to no protection. Get a policy in place.

Only 27% of companies surveyed reported policies for the safe security, storage and disposal of paper-based confidential personal information”.

Hospital Data Breach & Your Records

Paper data breaches can and do lead to serious repercussions. In fact, paper breaches are the most common of all in hospitals, while paper breaches in general skyrocketed last year – almost tripling in 2017 as compared to 2016. In one now infamous example, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut, suffered a theft of paper-based patient records.

It’s clear – businesses are overlooking the importance of protecting and properly destroying their paper records. If yours is among them, here’s what you can and should do about it…

  1. Maintain a strict clear desk policy

Whenever employees leave their desk for the day or for a period longer than an hour. Always ensure their paperwork is securely locked away.

  1. Identify which employees require access to which documents

Operating on a ‘Need to Know Basis’ can significantly drive down the risk of data breaches. While this step may seem excessive, it’s worth remembering that 25% of all breaches are due to internal actors.

  1. Out with the office shredder, in with proven, professional paper shredding services

We’ve got news for you – your office shredder probably isn’t doing a good enough job. If it cuts paper into straight strips, you should expect a criminal to be able to reassemble them, simply by using tape and glue. Around 20% of all data error breaches occur because of disposal error, while in the healthcare industry 17% of all data breaches involve record disposal.

Verification of Destruction

There’s also no verification of destruction (which is legally required in industries such as law and healthcare. Furthermore shredding takes time, lots of time. – taking your employee away from tasks that could be growing your business. Then, inevitably, there’s the disruption to other workers. As well as the dust and debris that’s created in the process.

As for the ‘proven’ part – you need to ensure that you thoroughly research the security credentials of any shredding company that you consider. They should be knowledgeable about compliance with HIPAA, GLB, and FACTA; they should also (ideally) be AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. This is the highest certification from the industry body of document destruction.

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Data Breach is Often Caused by Employee Error

Data Breach and  Information Security

Over the last few years, research has determined that human error is a top cause of data breaches in workplaces. And across the globe.

What are some common mistakes in the workplace that result in a data breach?

Giving into a phishing scam

This scam takes place when an employee receives an email from a fraudulent source. Who attempts to draw that individual into downloading malicious files.

Misplacing a laptop

Laptops are flooded with confidential information. Studies reveal that in fact they are the most commonly stolen electronic devices. From any and every industry.

Privilege abuse

Theft of private data can take place if a staff member gains access to information they shouldn’t have any privilege to. Furthermore it can also occur when an employee continues to access unauthorized company data after that employee has left the organization. When a staff member leaves the Buisness have a plan in place. Change all the passwords and any key codes to doors and filing cabinets.

Security error

Often it comes down to ‘lack of knowledge’ and ‘human error’ when it comes to information security. Errors that result in sending sensitive information to the wrong individual would fall under this category.


Many data breaches are the result of weak, stolen or default passwords. Therefore keep passwords protected and strong to avoid this.

Improper disposal of information

This goes without saying that storing and disposing of sensitive data is critical in protecting information.

data breach information security

How can your business stop these errors from happening?

There are many steps you can take towards protecting yourself from data breach. Document shredding is one postive example. So Regular training is vital in ensuring your employees stay up-to-date and knowledgeable in information security tips.

Get in touch with American Security Shredding to learn more. Call 1-800-882-1979 today!

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