Arrange a Shred Day in New York

Arrange a Shred Day in New York

If your business practices regular document shredding, you’ve likely heard of the term “Shred Day”. But what exactly does it entail? If your New York organization is interested in involving itself in the community in a fun and rewarding way, perhaps this may be the opportunity! Identity theft is a rising concern that should not be taken lightly. Holding a shred day provides the chance for community members to come together in an effort to combat this terrible crime. When you work with American Security Shredding  to host your shred day, family and friends in your neighborhood can securely dispose of their old sensitive documents,without risk.

While more and more New York residents are aware of the many results behind identity theft, there are still situations in which old financial records and other private documents are being tossed in recycling and garbage bins; generally it’s due to the fact that it’s “easier”. Shredding unwanted documents ensures your information is protected from unauthorized exposure, giving you the peace of mind that it’s untraceable and gone forever. Not only that, it’s chance to clean out your drawers and desks, removing unnecessary clutter and mess.  It’s a win-win situation.

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Step 1 Decide on the Size of Your Event

The first decision you must make is the size of your shred event; would you prefer to set up a small event or do you want to expand it across several areas in New York? This will vary depending on how confident you are, how much time/effort you’re able to commit, and how many connections you have in your region. If it’ your first time, you’d probably be sensible to begin with a small event that’s more manageable.

Step 2 Find Volunteers

If you plan to hold a relatively small shred event, three to four helper should be sufficient. However, if  you’re hoping to attract a larger crowd you may need 10-15 volunteers to cover everything. Keep in mind that social media, email, telephone, or even community bulletin boards in New York, are all effective and easy methods for obtaining help. Family and close friends are typically happy to support, so start with them first. Once you’ve recruited enough help, make sure you assign each person to a specific job; this will allow for a smooth process before, during, and after the shred day event.

Step 3 Hire a Trusted Document Shredding Provider in New York

It’s important that you team up with a shredding company like American Security Shredding,who you can depend on! An experienced shredding provider that has positive reviews (whether online or word of mouth) will give you the reassurance that you’ve chosen a reputable company you can trust.  Always verify that the company you’re considering does, in fact, provide on-site document shredding services,as some do not. For funding opportunities, you might want to look into local banks, radio stations, schools, or grocery stores.

Step 4 Choose an Appropriate Location to Shred

Be sure you select a location in New York that is well known and handy for your attendees. Also, remember that it must be large enough to hold your anticipated crowd. Of course, there also need to be adequate space for a mobile shred truck to maneuver through the parking lot safely. It is suggested you choose an area that’s well recognized, such as a community center or school in New York.

Step 5 Get the Word Out

Now it’s time to notify friends, family, and community members! Again, the extent in which you want to advertise your shred day will depend on your goals with the outcome. If you have concerns about turn-out, you can always consider additional exposure — radio, TV, newspapers and internet. Ask your volunteers to communicate the event information as well; the word of mouth is a powerful and free tool! Post flyers in stores, libraries, laundry mats, and community centers in New York for free advertising.

Person YellingStep 6 Shred Away!

Your shred day has come, and now it’s time to begin shredding those old documents!  Do your best to arrive at least an hour prior to when the event is scheduled to begin; this will allow for last minute changes/additions and ensures everything is organized. Put up signs around the premises so your event is can be seen. Keep the line moving and make sure you have asked someone to photograph the event. Other than that, allow your New York document shredding company to perform the rest!

American Security Shredding  in New York will work with you to make your shred day a success. Get in touch with us today to discuss with us our services, and how we can help make it an eventful day!

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