Advantages of Document Shredding

Advantages of Document Shredding

paper-shreddingDocument shredding has been an important practice among businesses for years; however, today when identity theft cases and corporate fraud on the rise, it’s simply imperative your New York organization is securely shredding any unwanted documents, as well as those that have reached the end of their retention period. Privacy regulations are becoming more and more stringent, and penalties associated with compliance failure are simply not a risk worth taking.

Need more reasons to shred your confidential material? Consider the following advantages to your business:

Peace of Mind

Document shredding offers business owners and customers a great deal of peace of mind, simply knowing that their information has been securely destroyed without any risk of exposure.

Material is Irrecoverable

When you partner with a reputable document shredding service, you can be certain that each document will be destroyed into tiny pieces. Those particles are then mixed together with a variety of different documents from other businesses, making recovery impossible.


Thoroughly destroying all unwanted and outdated documents help to keep your New York business in compliance with federal and state privacy laws. If an audit should occur, you’ll likely otherwise be found liable, which may lead to costly consequences.


Would you use your credit card shopping at a location you know has had their data breached in the past? Doubtful. And your customers would feel the same about you if you had a data breach. Data breaches can damage a company’s reputation; something you have worked so hard to build. It’s important to maintain a positive and professional image….this includes practicing safe document management.

Cost Effective

Did you know that hiring a professional to handle your document shredding is actually more cost effective than shredding in-house? Office shredders generally break down quickly due to the fact that they’re not designed for excessive use. They also require employee time to operate, taking away from overall work productivity.

Environmentally Friendly

Our landfills are consumed with millions of tons of paper each year. By turning to document shredding services, you are making a positive difference in the volume of paper that’s recycled and not placed in the trash.

Establishes Customer Trust

If you proudly state that your company shreds all of your documents. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you’re committed to protecting their security, and view it as the biggest priority.


Time is money and the less time your staff waste by shredding documents in-house, the more time they will spend performing job duties they were hired to complete.

Collection Containers

When you hire American Security Shredding, we will provide you with lockable collection containers for your documents, and we’ll pick up the contents when they reach capacity. You will no longer have sensitive documents floating around the office or have to wonder about their whereabouts.

Ease of Use

By partnering with a document shredding service like American Security Shredding in New York, you will quickly learn how easy it is to destroy unwanted documents. There will be a minimal interruption in your workday, and arranging our service is as simple as picking up the phone or requesting a scheduled service.

American Security Shredding provides both on-site and off-site document shredding services to the following areas:

New York


Long Island

For more insight into our document shredding process and the available options for your New York business, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Call1.800.882.1979

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