4 Telling Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen

4 Telling Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen

Identity thieves are sneakier and more sophisticated these days than ever. Even if you think you’ve taken the necessary steps in preventing identity theft, you can never be too cautious.
Below are 4 telling signs you’re your identity has been stolen:

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1. Getting Refused for Credit
If you’ve been notified that an application for credit has been denied this may very well mean there was theft involved, affecting your account. Should this take place, you may have been a victim of identity theft. Be sure to get in touch with your card issuer immediately. They will inform you whether or not this is what caused the problem.

2. Suspicious Credit Card Charges
Contrary to what you may think, it’s actually fairly easy to overlook a credit card charge that you yourself didn’t make. Keep track of your purchases by keeping all your receipts in one place; this will allow you to quickly match them to your statements each month.

3. Phone calls from Unfamiliar Creditors
If a creditor contacts you requesting payment for something you didn’t purchase, investigate who they are and why they are seeking such details; don’t just tell them they’ve made a mistake. Digging a little further will give you the tools needed to file a report if you are suspicious of fraud.

4. Missing Bills
If your regular bills are suddenly no longer arriving, it may mean that an identity thief has changed your address in an effort to gain access to your bank accounts. Look through all your bills carefully and call any account where the bill is missing.

What should you do if your identity is compromised? Visit identitytheft.gov for tips and information.
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